Artwork Guide

How we would like to receive your artwork.



How we would like your artwork

We require all artwork to be saved as a print ready PDF. This is by far the safest way to send us your file for print. PDF’s lock in content and size meaning what you see on the screen is what will print.

Why we don't accept Word documents

We often get asked if we can print from Word. The answer is simple we can but we choose not to. Due to the different versions of Microsoft word it mean that opening your document on our systems will change the formatting of your document meaning end print is unlikely to be what you are expecting.

Please leave us a little wiggle room

We need a 3mm bleed to be added when your design runs to the edge of the page. Put simply an extension of the background image that we can cut into during the trimming process. This extra image allows for a neater finished print.

Top Tip

We recommend that anything important that must remain on the print is at least 5mm in from the edges of the page. Please note that this is from the finished page size not including the bleed.
StandardFinished Size (mm)With Bleed (mm)
Business Card85x5591x61

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