About Us

We bring together 38 years’ print industry experience and make this expertise directly available to you,  to ensure the perfect print job.


Craig Woodward

Craig Woodward

Director & Ink Wizard

As a child star of treasured TV series Rainbow, Craig’s interest in colours was forged early. He is now capable of distinguishing 16 million colours by eye. Just don’t call him Zippy.

Paul Westlake

Paul Westlake

Director & Printomancer

Paul was raised by wolves (nice ones with strong family values). To this day his heightened senses allow him to spec paper stock from 50 paces and calibrate printers by smell.

Quality & Care

Our guiding star is quality. From selection of our heavyweight equipment to the delivery of your job, we feel a duty of care to deliver the best quality.

Printing with Bristol Print Hub is an interactive process where we establish the best process for you, take care to proof it with you and ensure it is delivered on time.

  • 100% of Deadlines Hit 100% 100%
  • 100% Genuine Brand Inks 100% 100%
  • 100% FSC Certified Stock 100% 100%
  • Just 100%! 100% 100%

Highly Qualified

It’s not just experience we bring to the table, being highly qualified makes a difference. Professional training in managing colour processes and the maintenance of high end equipment means reliable, accurate results for every job.

Fast & Reliable

We have a proven track record on hitting our delivery targets and we will work overnight to ensure your critical documents are ready. Our carefully chosen high end equipment ensures reliability every night of heavy demand.

Problem Solvers

If you’ve submitted documents that need a slight adjustment we look to catch that rather than slam it straight into a print run. Most of the time we will print proofs before the run to make sure your document is exactly as you would expect.


We are here as print partners, and make ourselves available to you to talk through your best options. Although we deliver really fast we don’t rush jobs. Every Bristol Print Hub client enjoys a little TLC!

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